2400 2 Movements Timelocks

Two movement timelocks can be fitted with any Mechanical or Electronic movements or either a combination of both.Our Timelocks are made in Zamak alloy, robust and lightweight.

1600 3 Movements Timelocks

Three movement timelocks can be fitted with any Mechanical or Electronic movements or either a combination of both.
Our Timelocks are made in Zamak alloy, robust and lightweight.

A brief history of the development of STB Timelocks

STB (Saint Blaise), entered the physical security market place as a serious contender around 1946
The introduction of Swiss Quality to the Timelock industry really started when the chairman of Yale Bank Lock purchased an automatic STB time movement, which when mounted to the steering wheel of his Oldsmobile Motor car kept perfect time without the need to be electrically powered. Each turn of the steering wheel effectively wound the automatic movement, he later referred to it as the "Watch/Clock”he considered the unit had unbeatable accuracy and reliability. 
The unit was built on the principal of an automatic watch movement, even though the components inside were ten-times larger than a regular size watch. Appreciating the precision and execution of the steering wheel Watch/Clock, Yale Bank Lock visited Switzerland to meet STB to discuss the possibility of them producing a Yale Timelock movement based on the American Seth-Thomas design. Seth Thomas had an excellent reputation for producing movements for the likes of Yale and Diebold, assuming that role after the untimely demise of The E. Howard Watch Company of Boston, STB undertook the challenge from Yale and "copied” the Seth-Thomas movement, right down to the polished head screws that Seth-Thomas was known for. 

1947 saw Yale Bank Lock eventually switch over all their Production requirement to STB. 
Shortly after STB began producing for Yale, the company Sargent and Greenleaf Inc USA, approached STB to manufacture a Delayed Action Timelock. This commission came about due to the need of the renowned Safe Manufacturer Diebold,requiring such a product and Sargent and Greenleaf Inc. not having a product available. STB consequently developed and produced a satisfactory solution for both companies, subsequently increasing the STB brand awareness. Within a year Sargent and Greenleaf had introduced the new and improved design, from STB, Diebold had also confirmed STB as their approved manufacturer and supplier of Timelock movements. 

By 1950, STB had become a leading player in the Timelock business in America, producing for Yale, Diebold and Sargent and Greenleaf Inc. Sargent and Greenleaf Inc. were actively promoting the popular "H” style or square plate format which over time has become the accepted American standard. 

In the early ‘80’s STB had the opportunity to purchase the company Relhor Switzerland. who were well known for producing parking meter movements for the German market. With the assistance of their engineers STB was able to develop the first Reset, and Snap-Action movements. 

1997 saw the introduction of the STB Electronic Timelock movement based on the same dimensions as the mechanical movements making the concept a worthy addition to the STB Timelock catalogue. The first product was the entry level 114E-1010, offering the same key winding philosophy as the mechanical movements, while at the same time offering a simple to use daily program with clear LCD display and available 199 hours of close time. The movement offers tremendous value in New Installations or as a Retrofit upgrade for Mechanical Movements. Following on from this STB developed the 134N movement which essentially added more time control functionality by providing pre-programmable 7 day rollover opening time, short close, long close, day delete, and 999 hours of close time, while being able to return automatically to its initially programmed opening times, once the special time requirement has terminated. The ease of use philosophy was carried across from the 114E model creating a well defined product range satisfying customer operational requirements. Today STB supplies all the premier OEM Safe and Vault manufacturers either with standard product or branded product both mechanical or electronic indicating the respect and confidence that STB products have achieved over time. 
 STB is proud of the fact that the products have become the Security Industry Standard in the domain of High Quality, High Security Timelock applications to the finest Safe and Vault Manufacturers the world over.