Precision High Security Time Control


Through its long dedication to Timelock technology, STB can offer a comprehensive range of industry standard product either in mechanical or electronic format.

Easy to set, read, as well as being highly accurate and reliable, makes the STB the worlds number 1 choice for Timelock Technology, satisfying the most discerning customer.

Mechanical Timelock Movements

Electronic Timelock Movements

OEM Timelock movements

Electronic Safe Locks

Wide range of Electronic Safe Lock solutions, meeting the highest standards of Quality, Durability and Innovation. Rotary Bolt, Motor Bolt and Direct Drive options along with ABS or Alloy Keypads, in Push Button or Membrane format. Wide range of functionality available.

Mechanical Time Delay Mechanisms

High Quality, Precision built Time Delay Mechanisms able to respond to the Worlds most demanding applications. Available in 5 and 10 secs. STB can also produce bespoke time delay solutions that can respond to specific customer requests.

Time Recorder Units

 Primarily used throughout the Forestry industry to record plant operating time, also used on manufacturing  plant to accurately record operating hours. Recorder Units available in 12, 24 Hour and 8 Day options.



Conception, Manufacture and Distribution of High Security Time Control Movements for Controlled Safe, Vault and ATM Strong Rooms.


  • Timelocks
  • Time Delay Movements
  • Heavy Industrial Machine Activity Time Recorders
  • High Security Electronic Safe Locks
  • Special High Precision Mechanical Movements