About us

STB Microtechniques SA 

STB Microtechnique SA is the conjunction of two companies that were brought together in 2023, Porte-Echappements on the one hand and STB Microtechniques on the other. The two companies were already linked together because they belonged to the same owners since 2010. The takeover of the companies at the end of 2022 by SGB Holding gave the impulse for the merger. 

STB intends to maintain and develop ancestral know-how in microtechnics and horologery, situated in La Chaux-de-Fonds Switzerland, in the heart of these two disciplines.

Swiss made is in STB DNA and we are proud to work with local partners and sucontractors. 

STB History 

STB Microtechniques SA History
  • 1938 "La fabrique d'Horlogerie de Saint Blaise" was founded it was active in the manufacture of watches and clocks. 
  • 1946 A  new turn was taken in the field of security, the company Yale mandated "La Fabrique d'Horlogerie de Saint Blaise" to manufacture movements for the Timelocks, the fame of these movements quickly placed them in an important position in the security market.
  • 1993,  "La Fabrique d'Horlogerie de Saint Blaise" became STB Microtechniques SA, the first to develop an electronic movement 100% compatible with timelocks and their mechanical interface. STB has maintained some of its historical activities in the field of microtechnology and has developed its own timelock cases. 
  • 2010 Acquired by Porte-Echappements SA, the two companies have worked hand in hand to have a complete mastery of the technology by collaborating first and then bringing the two companies together under the same roof. 
  • 2019 move in La Chaux de Fonds. 
  • 2021, the owners are preparing their retirement and are looking for a new owner in order to preserve the know-how and ensure continuity.
  • April 2022, Grégoire Guye-Bergeret has taken over the management of the company and has started the transmission. 
  • December 2022, the company has officially changed owner and the two companies have been merged, it is now a new stage under the aegis of continuity that begins.
Porte-Echappements SA History
  • 1931 Creation of "Porte-Echappement Universel SA" which will become Portescap later on. 
  • 1989 Takeover of the department by the company ARSAPE, founded by two former Portescap employees. 
  • 2004 Separation of the micro-motors and escapement platforms activities, sale of the activity to Marie Heinkel who create "Porte Echappements SA". 
  • 2010 Takeover of the company STB Microtechniques SA and started to implement synergy between the two entitities .