Saint Blaise (STB) History

SWITZERLAND entered the Timelock market place as a major supplier around 1947. The introduction of "Swiss Quality" for the Timelock industry started when the Chairman of Yale Bank Locks found pleasure with the "STB Automobile Automatic Wind Steering Wheel Watch Clock", which he had fitted to his Oldsmobile motor car.

This was due to the unit having unbeatable accuracy and remarkable reliability. The unit was built on the principals of an automatic watch however, the components of this watch were ten-times larger than a regular size watch. Enamored with the precision and execution of the "STB Automobile Automatic Wind Steering Wheel Watch Clock", The Chairman of Yale Bank Lock went to Switzerland to meet its manufacturer; Saint Blaise (STB) to discuss the possibility of them producing a Yale Timelock movement based on the Seth-Thomas, design from the USA.

Seth Thomas had an excellent reputation for producing movements for the likes of Yale and Diebold, assuming that role after the untimely demise of The E. Howard Watch Company of Boston. Saint Blaise (STB) undertook the Yale challenge and  successfully "cloned” the Seth-Thomas movement, right down to the polished head screws that Seth-Thomas was known for.

Production from Saint Blaise (STB) was minimal until 1946 when Yale Banklock eventually switched over all their Production to Saint Blaise (STB).

Shortly after Saint Blaise (STB) began producing for Yale, the company Sargent and Greenleaf Inc commissioned Saint Blaise (STB) to make them the first DAT (Delayed Action Timelock).




This commission was based on a need from the renowned Safe Manufacturer Diebold, due to the fact that Sargent and Greenleaf Inc did not have a "reliable” Time-delay. Within a year of SARGENT AND GREENLEAF INC. introducing  the new  improved design, from Saint Blaise (STB) Diebold took the decision to visit Saint Blaise (STB) subsequently making  the company their new full-line manufacturer of timelock movements. By 1950, Saint Blaise (STB) was entrenched in the Timelock business in America, producing for Yale, Diebold and Sargent and Greenleaf Inc. as well as other world wide Physical Security Manufacturers gaining an enviable reputation for Quality and Reliability which is still a company core value today
In the early ‘80’s Saint Blaise (STB) purchased the company Relhor Switzerland. Relhor was known for making parking meter movements for the German market however, with the assistance of their engineers, Saint Blaise (STB) was able to develop the first Reset, and Snap-Action movements which allowed Saint Blaise (STB)to considerably enlarge its mechanical product offering
 Electronic Timelock movements were added to the STB Mechanical Timelock Movement catalogue in 1997 starting with entry level 114E-1010. A simple to use, Daily programmable Timelock, Reset movement with a maximum of 199 Hours of Timelocking which, has proved to be both reliable and excellent value when, used either in New Installations or as a Retrofit upgrade for Mechanical Movements. Saint Blaise (STB) today has become the Security Industry Standard the world over, as well as the Timelock reference for the finest Safe and Vault Manufacturers. 
Mechanical Timelock Movements
120, 144, 162, 168 hours locking times, Standard Reset and Snap Action options available, manufactured to traditional Swiss Quality.

Electronic Timelock Movements

The operational features of the STB Electronic Movement are based on the proven functionality of STB's Mechanical movements while being able to offer increased functionality and value. Three levels of basic product allows STB to respond to the demands of the Secure Container Industry.

OEM Timelock movements
As a supplier to many of the worlds Secure Container companies we are in a position to work with our customers to create OEM branding, enhancing their products and guaranteeing the security they and their customers demand.