Precision High Security Time Control


Through its long dedication to Timelock technology, STB can offer a comprehensive range of industry standard products either in Mechanical or Electronic format.

All time lock products are manufactured to the highest possible standards, offering our customers value for money, high precision, reliable, time controlled opening solutions for, high security Safe and Vault products.

STB is the worlds number 1 choice for Timelock Technology, satisfying the most discerning customer.

Electronic Safe Locks

Wide range of Electronic Safe Lock solutions, meeting the highest standards of Quality, Durability and Innovation. Rotary Bolt, Motor Bolt and Direct Drive options along with ABS or Alloy Keypads, in Push Button or Membrane format. Wide range of functionality available.

Mechanical Time Delay Mechanisms

High Quality, Precision built Time Delay Mechanisms responding to demanding high voltage applications where quality, reliability and price performance are required.

Available as a 5 or 10 second gravity powered solution. ideally suited where a none powered timing solution is required.

STB is able to produce bespoke time delay solutions on request for specific customer needs.

Time Recorder Units

Heavy duty construction allows the units to be used in all kinds of  working environments and vehicle types. A simple cost effective solution for managing vehicle operating costs.

Primarily used throughout the Forestry, Sugar Cane and Ground preparation industries. Designed to mechanically record vehicle operating time, on 12, 24 hour. or 8 day continuous format, single or double sided recording chart.